The Saudi Crown Prince presents the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched the National Transport and Logistics Strategy, which aims to consolidate the kingdom’s position as a global logistics center connecting the three continents, improve services and all means of transport and integrate it into the logistics system and modern modes of transport to improve transportation in support of the Kingdom’s extensive development process.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the strategy comprises a package of large-scale projects that enable economic and social goals to be achieved, as well as the introduction of effective governance models to improve institutional work in Transport systemAnd in accordance with the change of name of the Ministry from Ministry of Transport to Ministry of Transport and Logistics

Geolocation investments

For his part, the Saudi Crown Prince said this strategy will help strengthen human and technical skills in the kingdom’s transportation and logistics sectors, improve connection with the global economy and allow our country to invest its geographical position in the center of the three continents in diversifying its economy. By building a progressive logistics service industry, building high quality service systems and applying competitive business models to increase productivity and sustainability in the logistics sector; As a key focus in the Kingdom of 2030 Vision programs and as an important supporting sector for economic sectors to achieve sustainable development. “

Infrastructure development

He stated that the strategy will focus on developing the infrastructure, introducing multiple logistics platforms and territories in the kingdom, implementing advanced operating systems and strengthening effective partnerships between the system of government and the private sector to achieve four main goals: Strengthening the position of the kingdom as a global logistics center, improving the quality of life in Saudi cities, balancing the public budget and improving the efficiency of the government apparatus.

Increase the goals to more than 250 international destinations

He added that the strategy aims to make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the fifth in the world in air transit traffic, increasing the destinations for more than 250 international destinations and in addition creating a new national airline serving other sectors such as Hajj, Umrah and Tourism to further meet its national goals, the strategy aims to increase the capacity of the air cargo sector by doubling its capacity to more than 4.5 million tons.

In the field of maritime transport, Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated that the strategy aims to achieve a capacity of more than 40 million containers per year, which means extensive investments in the expansion of the port infrastructure and its integration with the logistical areas in the kingdom as well as the expansion of the Connections to shipping companies. It is integrated into the rail and road network, which helps improve the efficiency and economy of the transport lines.

The largest high-speed transportation project

He also stated that the railways will provide their passenger and freight services over a network of 5,330 km, 450 km of which will be on the Haramain Express Railway between Mecca and Medina, the largest high-speed rail transport project in the region, the strategy will also be The total length of the future railways is estimated at 8,080 km, including the “Land Bridge” project of more than 1,300 km in length, accommodating 3 million passengers and more than 50 million tons annually, with the aim of connecting the Kingdom’s ports to the To connect the Arabian Gulf Coast with the ports on the Red Sea coast, with the opening of new and promising opportunities for this line through modern logistics centers, economic centers and industrial cities and mining activities, as well as improving the Kingdom’s Logistics Performance Index to become one of the top ten countries in the world World in which we have an open market for railway b operators and investors will have to promote the achievement of an important regional goal is the connection with the Arab Gulf states to be achieved by a railway line; This makes the kingdom an influential role in the regional and international transport industry and a connecting hub for commercial transport.

Great road network

He stressed that the strategy was built on very important pillars; This also includes the large road network, which our country is the first in the world to be networked. The kingdom will also be among the most progressive countries internationally in terms of road quality and safety. The strategy includes many initiatives to reduce the number of accident victims to a minimum. Similar to the best international experience of achieving efficient connectivity and developing public transport services in Saudi cities, while at the same time achieving goals related to sustainability, environmental protection, reducing fuel consumption by 25% and providing smart solutions for the mobility of travelers between cities and the transport of goods according to the latest, globally applied technologies.

Achieving the goals of Vision 2030

He noted that one of the main objectives of the strategy is to increase the contribution of the transport and logistics sector to the national GDP, while this sector’s contribution to the UK’s GDP is currently around 6%, the strategy aims to improve its Contribution to 10% by the leadership of the transportation and logistics sector ranked Advanced to support the national economy, enable business growth, expand investment and increase annual revenues outside the oil sector, which this sector pumps to approximately 45 billion riyals in 2030 .

He concluded: “We are proud of the achievements made under the leadership of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and we look forward to making further progress that is appropriate to our beloved country and the leadership it deserves by stepping up efforts and achieving further success, backed by a call for tenders. A highly ambitious people, and we are confident that our ambitious cadres will achieve the national goals in line with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030. “

Economist Mohammed Al-Anqari said the ambitious goals are certainly based on pillars, given that the kingdom has a road network of 100,000 km, 9 ports and 27 airports.

He stated that the kingdom’s enormous solvency and geographic location will help achieve the ambitious vision by the deadline.

He noted that the logistics sector is a potential industry and the invisible artery that pumps blood into the veins of business legislation and partnerships with the local and international private sectors.

He stated that the addition of a new national airline is necessary as part of the Kingdom’s vision as it aims to revitalize the tourism, hajj and umrah sectors and this means that great activity is required in the aviation sector. He continued: “I think the existing lines are sufficient for this.” There must be another airline to activate the air traffic.


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