The Saudi initiative is a valuable opportunity for a comprehensive cessation of the fire in Yemen

The United Arab Emirates ‘Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, today, Monday, expressed the United Arab Emirates’ support for the initiative of the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs To find a comprehensive political solution in Yemen today. “

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed reiterated that “the UAE fully supports this initiative, which is a valuable opportunity for a comprehensive ceasefire in Yemen and paves the way for a lasting political solution”.

He urged “the international community to join the effort”. For the commitment of all parties to this initiative And a truce. “

The Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates praised the “central role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, the formation of the new Yemeni government, the achievement of a political solution and the acceleration of efforts to end the Yemeni crisis” The need for a response to this initiative and to prioritize the solidarity and cooperation of the Yemeni armed forces and the highest national interest. “

He affirmed: “The United Arab Emirates are fully committed to standing by the Yemeni people and supporting their legitimate aspirations for development, prosperity, peace and stability.”

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said earlier today that the kingdom has proposed an initiative for a solution in Yemen, including a nationwide ceasefire under the supervision of the United Nations and the reopening of air and sea lines.

And there are repeated reactions that welcome the Saudi initiative. Today, Monday, UN spokesman Farhan Haq said that The international organization welcomes the Saudi peace initiative to end the Yemen warThis is in line with the efforts of the United Nations.


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