The Saudi “machine gun” is a criminal in the eighties

The MBC broadcaster has evaluated a range of information that was first made known about the “Machine Al-Otaibi” gang, which was criminally active in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s and carried out many looting and cutting actions between highways Cities with the help of a group of thieves, and the film checked the speech of eyewitnesses who witnessed that period.

One of the victims, Abdullah Al-Tamimi, said on the series shown in the ninth bulletin over a 5 day period that he witnessed a traffic accident once during his trip, so he stopped to be surprised by a machine gun and his gang, who took his key and set his car on fire after confiscating the money, insisting that he escaped death after he was shot when the bullet passed beside him.

Former Governor of Majmaah, Hamad Al-Khathlan, pointed out that King Salman bin Abdulaziz, when he was emir of Riyadh at the time, took over the case of a machine gun and his gang had no targets and their arbitrary actions aimed at theft and looting, just as they used to do their jobs, at night in the moonlight.


The series showed the street on which a machine gun carried out the most prominent looting and cutting of streets, the “Nafoud Al-Sir” that linked Shaqra and Al-Dawadmi, which is the vital corridor for pilgrims and pilgrims and the trade movement. was that time.

“I hope that neither I nor the youth of the nation of Mohammed will survive such a difficult period,” said Rashash’s friend at the time, “Saud”, of the suffering he suffered when he moved from one place to another for his life rescue.

Who is the Al-Otaibi machine gun?

Rashash bin Saif Al-Otaibi, born in September 1960, is a Saudi mugger. He began operations in the mid-1980s and formed a gang. They committed theft and looting on strange streets. He and his gang members were arrested, executed, and crucified in October 1989.

Dramatic work

The platform “Shahid VIP” announced that from July 9th next year the huge Saudi drama “Rashesh”, which was produced by “MBC Studio”, will be shown in a series of 8 episodes in Arabic with English subtitles. and an episode is shown every week on “Watch in IP” that lasts about an hour.

According to the MBC statement, the dramatic simulation of the story, inspired by events from the eighties of the last century, revolves around the gangster “Machine” in two parallel lines full of events and action scenes.

The statement added that in one aspect the work traces the alleged criminal stages in the life of a “machine gun”, beginning with his entry into the world of crime and ending with his arrest, and in the middle the story will illuminate the young officer “Fahd” who devoted himself to the arrest of a “machine gun” anticipate their movements, confront them and bring them to justice.

The work was written by famous British television screenwriter Tony Jordan, who celebrated his record with several international works, most notably “Heisel”, which won the “Emmy” and “BAFTA” awards, while the work by Sheikha Suha Al Khalifa was written dramatically and Richard Bellamy and directed by British Emmy winner and BAFTA nominee Colin Teague, who has directed a number of international works. The soundtrack for the work was composed by the French-Tunisian musician Amine Bouhafa.


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