The Saudi Minister of Industry mourns the loss of the fireman Mishaal Al-Huraiji

Saudi Arabia’s Minister for Industry and Natural Resources, Bandar Al-Khorayef, offered condolences to the family of Mishaal Al-Huraiji, a civil defense officer who was martyred while putting out a fire in a factory in Dammam.

And he emphasized through a tweet to him on his Twitter account that the commitment of industrial plants to safety procedures and the non-tolerance of their requirements is a duty and a necessity for all, and we are working on the industry and the mining system to ensure that this is implemented.

The martyr, Mishaal Mutlaq Al-Huraiji, one of the civil defense lawyers, died while participating in the extinguishing of a fire that broke out in the industrial city of Dammam yesterday, Friday, and fate did not help him complete his wedding ceremony. whereupon he prepared and waited for his father to return from Kuwait.

Civil defense leader at the funeral of the forest soldier

Yesterday, Friday evening, Hafr Al-Batin residents attended the funeral of the martyr Mishaal bin Mutlaq Al-Huraiji, who was struck by shrapnel from one of the fire-exposed tanks.

The Directorate-General for Civil Defense called one of its members who was martyred while performing his fire-fighting duty in a factory in Dammam, and the Directorate-General for Civil Defense said through its Twitter account: “The Directorate-General for Civil Defense” The Defense is in mourning about the soldier Mishaal Mutlaq Al-Huraiji, who was martyred while fighting a fire in one of the cities. ”Factories in Dammam.


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