The societal explosion factors are present and the catastrophic “Salt” sparked them … a reading of the internal situation in Jordan

Jordan did not benefit all the propaganda of the first months of the Corona pandemic, and we are witnessing the collapse of our health sector and the increasing number of HIV infections and the number of deaths resulting from it, especially in light of the consumption of all our balance from (closures) and the inability of people to endure other long closures, such as those carried out by the liberal government Razzaz a year ago.

The great catastrophe in which we live today is multiplied by the governmental and official handling of the crisis, which is under the burden of the mistakes of the first treatment and what preceded it, as the ruling elite carved towards the security solution, and tried to hit the depth of societal and civil forces, exploiting the imposition of the defense law and investing in its immediate success in dealing with the epidemic. But today, in the moment of truth, which we are experiencing a deterioration of economic conditions and a collapse of the health sector, it seems that this monopoly power does not have any solutions to mention!

Spark Salt Hospital

The “code” request in the hospital means that a patient has stopped his heart and needs resuscitation, in the calamity of Salt, the code requests follow in moments, before the medical and nursing staff from the various departments of the Covid-19 department are called, so everyone is surprised by a nurse in a state of daze and trembling, as she signals : This one died and this one died …

It may be an episode of oxygen shortage for patients in the departmentCovid-19“In the new Salt Hospital, it is the straw that broke the camel’s back, staggering to fall, after a long staggering under the impact of the virus strikes, which exposed the state (the system of government and decision-making) in Jordan, especially in light of the dramatic escalation of events, which even King Abdullah II tried to contain through Visiting the site of the disaster, but what happened in Salt exceeded the two-hour shortage of oxygen for patients, in light of the deteriorating conditions of care for Covid-19 patients and others, due to pressure on hospitals, the small number of cadres and the scarcity of specialist doctors, which are things that the dismissed Minister of Health, Nazir Obeidat, tried to rectify by depriving the rest Patients from receiving treatment in clinics affiliated with government and university hospitals, but without significant benefits but rather double damages, exposed the mismanagement of the health sector and its weak willingness to provide treatment and service to citizens.

The popular angry and sweeping reaction that followed the incident is not related to the repercussions of what happened in the new Salt Hospital, but this reaction shows the extent of the people’s anger towards the ruling elite that imprisoned it for a whole year and is still without any ability to face the repercussions of the crisis, whether on the economic level or Social, and most importantly of all, in terms of preserving the health and life of people, after this elite used to cultivate delusion among people and seize their pensions and quarrel over their livelihoods under the pretext of confronting the epidemic, and if we are in the lowest grasp among the countries of the world in terms of addressing it!

Harvest what you sowed

Stop the Teachers Syndicate and imprison its council members and a large number of its affiliates and sympathizers, while suppressing the demonstrations of teachers and those who support them, and working diligently and defying the “virus” to hold parliamentary elections, while disrupting the work of the Doctors Syndicate “directly concerned with combating the epidemic”, and striving to close the only Partnership and Rescue Party Who did not participate in the electoral viral wedding, “and many other measures taken by the monopolistic elite of power, taking advantage of the pandemic, through the Defense Law and other laws against freedoms and civil rights, all of these measures through which the elite sought more monopolization of power and the claim to exclusively represent society,” The preoccupation of this elite and its associates were those with limited knowledge and pliant intelligence and climbers.

With unemployment rates approaching 25%, and with the state’s inability to address the economic distortions that struck people as a result of the closure, and other measures that limited the entry of most of the impoverished class in the country, people today do not need new justifications for discontent with the authority and protest in order to improve their poor living conditions, Here, the Salt incident appears to be the appropriate spark for the popular protest, which spread across the vastness of Jordan’s governorates, coinciding with the start of the “employee” Al-Khasawneh government to tighten measures to confront the ferocity of the second wave of the epidemic.

It is true that there is no national framing of the protest, but this does not prevent the factors of social explosion being present and increasing as well, in light of the lack of solutions that corrupt and tyrannical power can offer, how it is trying instead to militarize society and public space, unaware of the extent of the anger and resentment Al-Shaabi, who heralds a popular explosion inevitably coming, and can only be remedied by the authority’s submission to the voice of reason and beginning to pay attention to the deteriorating reality of the people.

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