The son of the artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi denies the rumor that his father is entering the intensive care unit

Following the rumor of the deteriorating health of Kuwaiti artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi, Yusef Ibn Al-Harbi reassured his father’s audience about his health, saying: My father’s condition is improving after being infected with the coronavirus and the information circulating about it is mine Parents who go to intensive care are wrong, and doctors said he’ll be leaving the hospital often in two or three days.

Al-Harbi confirmed that the rumors affecting the health of his father, his family, his grandchildren and everyone who knew him had been harmed. and praise God, day by day his health is improving, though it is slow, but it is improving.

Saudi artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi made a statement after becoming infected with the coronavirus in a call from an Arab ET correspondent after learning of his deteriorating condition and admission to the intensive care unit.

Al-Harbi confirmed his infection with Corona and added, his voice sounded very tired: “I’m fine, God be praised, I only need a few days. Thank you Habibi, and I thank my fellow artists for asking what they’re running out of. “


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