The start of the Saudi-Sudanese naval exercise “Astronomy 4”

The Saudi-Sudanese naval exercise (Astronomy 4), which will last until Thursday, began in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the King Faisal naval base.

The commander of the participating Sudanese naval forces, Brigadier General Ala Al-Din Abdullah, said the exercise was a good opportunity to share experiences and train together.

For his part, Brigadier General Hazza Al-Mutairi, commander of the Saudi side, pointed out that the training aims to standardize concepts and share experiences in the management of maritime operations in the Red Sea.

It is noteworthy that the exercise takes place every two years in a reciprocal manner, as the last maneuvers took place in 2018 AD on the base of Port Sudan and are aimed at improving security cooperation, sharing experiences and the contexts of the common maritime Unify work between the U.S. The Sudanese Navy and the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, as well as their activities, will be completed next Thursday.


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