The Tajik government uses a blockchain company for its e-government infrastructure

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon seeks to ambitiously integrate blockchain technology into the ongoing modernization of his government.

According to notification from the smart contracting platform Fantom, a new public-private partnership between the Fantom Foundation and the Tajik Ministry of Industry of New Technologies, will introduce these two series of blockchain solutions across the nationwide IT infrastructure.

The goal of the partnership is research, development and implementation of various solutions for data sharing, transparency and automation using blockchain. As a first step, the partners will create a research and development center that will train local developers in building blockchain-based systems. In parallel, Phantom will thoroughly review existing data flows and documentation at the ministry and propose solutions that can streamline older processes and potentially increase productivity. The phantom will also focus on the potential value of issuing the central bank’s digital currency for the country’s payment system.

The Republic of Tajikistan’s modernization agenda, which has been on the move since President Rahmon took power in 1994, most recently resulted in a 2019 legislative agenda to expand broadband access, expand technology education programs, and create specialized agencies to oversee the digitization of national IT. infrastructure. .

Regarding the new initiative to innovate e-government strategies through blockchain, South Asian Phantom Director Jawid Sikandar said:

“After our success in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the agreement to start work in Tajikistan really underscores the way in which Fantom’s solutions respond to the urgent needs of growing economies.” It is extremely gratifying to know that we can help these countries reach their development milestones. ”

As mentioned earlier, Fantom’s technology is not strictly blockchain in the conventional sense but it draws on what is called directed acyclic graphor DAG. DAG-based protocols allow asynchronous commit of transactions, which means that network participants do not have to create a single queue for block space, as would be the case in a typical blockchain. Conflux, Hedera Hashgraph, IOTA and Nano are companies in a broad blockchain environment that use DAG protocols and their potential to support higher transaction throughput.

Fantom’s previous orders in Central Asia and South Asia included signing Memoranda of Understanding with Pakistan’s Punjab Prison Department to formalize the start of blockchain-based software implementations. The company as well continues to work with the Afghan Ministry of Health, including work on a blockchain-based product prevent the circulation of counterfeit medicines.

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