The United States is facing its largest immigrant wave in 20 years

The US Secretary of Homeland Security said, Tuesday, March 16, 2021, that the United States is facing the largest wave of immigrants on its southwestern border in 20 years, as the Biden administration is struggling to deal with the influx of children trying to cross the US-Mexico border on their own.

Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayuras said that the number of attempts to cross the border from Central America and Mexico has increased steadily since April 2020.

Refugees They are looking for a better life

Poverty, violence and corruption in Mexico and the Northern Triangle, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have prompted residents to search for a better life in the United States for years, and there have been surges in immigrant numbers in the past.

Mayuras also added in a statement that conditions there continue to deteriorate and that the situation was exacerbated by two hurricanes. He explained that the Coronavirus pandemic has complicated the situation at the borders.

Immigrants wait inside a special center in America / Reuters

He continued, “We are on our way to encounter more people on the southwestern border than was the case in the past twenty years.”

This comes at a time when the US Customs and Border Protection Administration reported last week that border police officers conducted 100,441 detentions or expulsions of migrants at the border with Mexico in February, the highest monthly total since the border crisis in 2019.

For its part, President Joe Biden’s administration is striving to speed up procedures for dealing with hundreds of young people under the age of 18 who cross the southern border on their own every day.

A different immigration policy for the United States

Since Biden came to power, he has been seeking to pursue a policy that is completely contrary to that of former President Donald Trump. Biden has announced a number of bills that would improve the asylum situation in America.

One of the most prominent laws that he works on US Citizenship Act 2021, which provides green card and citizenship pathways for so-called “dreamers”, temporary protection status holders and unregistered migrant farm workers.

The bill will give money to Central American countries; To address the reasons for the immigration of students seek refuge To the United States from its roots.

The bill also ends the maximum employment-based green card limit specified for each country, and allows more family green cards to be granted, by exempting spouses and minor children of legal permanent residents from the visa ceiling.

In addition, the bill also allows for the term “non-citizen” to be used instead of “foreign” in federal immigration laws, a change already implemented by the Biden administration.

This bill limits presidents’ authority to issue immigration bans, just as former President Trump did when he banned immigrants from several Muslim-majority countries from entering America.

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