The US State Department condemns the alignment of the Saudi infrastructure

On Friday, the US State Department condemned the attack on today’s Saudi infrastructure In the capital, RiyadhShe expressed concern about the increase in attacks.

She also stressed that the attack on the Riyadh refinery was nothing more than an attempt to hamper global energy supplies.

It did so after an official source announced Saudi Ministry of Energy Hours ago, the Riyadh refinery was subjected to a terrorist attack by drones denouncing these acts of sabotage aimed at securing energy supplies.

He announced that the Riyadh oil refinery was attacked by drones at 6:55 a.m. local time this morning and the attack resulted in a controlled fire. The attack did not result in injuries or deaths and the oil supply and its derivatives were not affected, “said For of the Saudi press agency” SPA “.

The American condemnation came a week after a State Department statement condemning all attempts by the Houthi to attack the kingdom with rockets and marches.

Last Monday, Deputy Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Galina Porter said these attempts were unacceptable, dangerous and threatened the lives of civilians. Recalling her country’s deep concern about the violations of the Houthi, she stressed that her actions do not indicate that she wanted peace.

Orientation towards global energy supply

The Saudi Ministry of Energy has stressed that the Kingdom strongly condemns this cowardly attack and reiterated that the acts of terrorism and sabotage that are repeatedly perpetrated against vital facilities and civilian objects, including the attempt to target the Ras Tanura refinery and the Saudi Aramco neighborhood in Dhahran are not just targeting the kingdom. In a broader sense, it aims at the security and stability of the energy supply in the world and also on the world economy.

The source also renewed the call to the countries of the world and their organizations to stand up against these terrorist and sabotage attacks and to confront all parties that carry out or support them.

Dangerous attempts

It is noteworthy that the UN Security Council on Thursday condemned the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia.

It is worth noting that the Iran-backed militias have been ramping up their attempts to target civilian and economic objects in Saudi Arabia in recent days. These attempts have been condemned by several Arab and Western countries, emphasizing their support for the kingdom and its countries security and denouncing the Houthi terrorist attacks.


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