This is his seasonal campaign supporting the production of farmers in Saudi Arabia

Today, Thursday, the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced the launch of the “This is its Season” campaign aimed at promoting the marketing of the agricultural sector in Saudi Arabia, which is a major challenge at the agricultural sector level represents in the kingdom, in addition to highlighting the different types of fruit and defining the comparative advantage that will be achieved. Produced all year round

In this regard, the Ministry’s official spokesman, Ahmed Al-Musnad, told that the launch of the “This is his season” campaign aims to promote marketing, which is the greatest challenge in the agricultural sector, in addition to Highlighting the different types of Saudi fruits and the comparative advantages produced throughout the year, the Kingdom indicates that the Kingdom has become self-sufficient in some of them and is working to market them locally and globally.

Production relationship

In addition, the ministry’s statistics found that local production of fruits other than dates was 800,400 tons, and the kingdom was also self-sufficient in many types of fruit, particularly dates, which reached a self-sufficiency rate of 111%, and watermelon, which reached a self-sufficiency rate of up to 111%, up to 98%, cantaloupe up to 81%, as well as grapes 59%, mango 52%, pomegranate 28%, lemon 25%, strawberries and many fruit crops that are produced all year round.

Reaching high scores

For his part, the Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture for Agriculture, Engineer Ahmed Al-Ayada, confirmed that Saudi Arabia is going through a great development in terms of quantity and quality in the field of agricultural production, until we have reached high rates of self-sufficiency in some Field crops and agricultural products, including animal products such as milk by approx. 12% and table eggs by approx. 12% 116%, poultry meat 65%, fish 45%, red meat 42%, vegetable products and agricultural crops such as dates 111%, vegetables 87 % and fruit 38%.
The clinic added that marketing is the biggest challenge in the agricultural sector and from here it is important to look out for it, from what you need to do with farm inputs, to choosing the varieties that are easy to market, to increasing your target agricultural production in some seasons Recalling the importance of the efforts of the Government of the Kingdom, represented by the Department for the Environment, Water and Agriculture, in implementing the national strategy for agriculture, which has helped deliver strategic food to local markets.

Export to the world

It is noteworthy that the kingdom produces many kinds of fruits of various kinds and exports to the world more than its self-sufficiency, as the local production of fruits reached 1.4 million tons, with a self-sufficiency rate of 45%, especially dates, the one Reached a self-sufficiency rate of 111%, and watermelon with a self-sufficiency rate of up to 99%, cantaloupe with a self-sufficiency rate of 82.5% and mango with a self-sufficiency rate of up to 62 The kingdom is also characterized by the production of grapes, pomegranates, lemons, Olives, strawberries, bananas, oranges, apples and many other types of fruit.


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