This Saudi city is nicknamed “The Clouds of the Clouds”.

Despite the heat in many Saudi cities, the “Dalawat Clouds”, as they are called “Maysan” in southwestern Saudi Arabia, greeted the summer with a mild climate and rainy weather amid the thick clouds that burst between the mountains for an enchanting one Nature create look, surrounded by fog and green spots.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Harthy, a researcher for the history and geography of Maysan, told Maysan is the province of Bakr and a connection between two tourist cities: Taif in the north and Al-Baha in the south is also at approx. 2,600 meters above sea level and offers varied terrain between high mountains and steep valleys.

Missan Mountains

Al-Harthy added: “Among the most famous mountains is Mount Ibrahim“ Bathra ”, which is considered to be one of the largest mountains in Hijaz, as well as Mount Athab, Mount Atma, Mount Beidan and other mountains many large valleys including Wadi Bua, Wadi Al-Sour, Wadi Rakhmat, Wadi Sarar, Wadi Al-Saila and Wadi Arda and others.

He said: “Maysan includes archaeological and historical sites including the historical Dama Dam, the archaeological Majarda Mosque, the archaeological Hajj Street, the house of Halima al-Sa’diyah, the historical al-Shua’ib mosque, the al-Habbab mosque with two qiblas and other historical and archaeological sites in the region. “

Tourist items in Maysan

Tourist items in Maysan

Tourism facilities

Al-Harthy stressed that Maysan includes many parks frequented by tourists, visitors and vacationers, including Al-Hadab Park, Shahdan Park, Al-Mawarid, Al-Ashrak, Al-Sab and Al-Sahn as well many of the parks that are scattered in its territory are six centers that, due to their natural atmosphere, take on a different character during the summer periods, which are characterized by moderation, while in winter the temperatures drop five degrees below zero at night and the weather in summer like in winter it is cloudy and rainy.

of agricultural production in Maysan

of agricultural production in Maysan

Agriculture in Maysan

Maysan is famous for growing the best rose, grape, pomegranate and mountain almond varieties in the world and is a basket with seasonal fruits such as the prickly pear “Albarshumi”, the wild fig “Al-Hammat”, apricots, peaches, steamers and cherries, In addition to its fame in the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers and beans Among the grains grown: Wheat The most famous of them are “Maysan wheat”, barley and corn, and it is also famous for the production of honey of all kinds, which for its Quality is known, and it is a promising governorate to be a tourist, agricultural, industrial and economic front in Saudi Arabia.

Heritage sites in Missan

Heritage sites in Missan


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