Thwarted imminent hostile act by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia

The Coalition in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen announced this morning, Saturday, the interception and destruction of a booby-trapped Houthi militia drone in Yemeni airspace that was launched towards Khamis Mushait.

The coalition affirmed, “The Houthi militia’s continued attempts to target civilians and civilian objects,” added, “We are taking operational measures to protect civilians and address the imminent threat.”

The Coalition in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen announced on Friday evening that it had foiled an “imminent hostile act”. “Our combined forces have been efficient and have thwarted an imminent hostile act,” the coalition said. The coalition confirmed “the interception and destruction of an enemy air target fired by the Houthi militia on Saudi Arabia”.

That comes after the coalition announced on Friday morning Destruction of a march initiated by the Houthi militia with booby traps towards Khamis Mushait.

A previously overthrown Houthi March (expressive)

On Thursday, the coalition announced an objection Destroying a drone with booby traps An offshoot of the Houthi militia in Yemeni airspace was launched in the direction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He stressed in a statement that these Iran-backed militias continue to target civilians and civilian objects. He also stressed that coalition forces are taking all operational measures to protect civilians and counter the imminent threat.

The coalition announced on Wednesday that Intercepting a booby-trapped drone It was launched by the Houthi militia towards the southern regions of Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago the coalition also announced that the Saudi air defense intercepted and destroyed 6 drones and 4 ballistic missiles attempting to attack civilian objects in the south of the country within 48 hours.


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