Time magazine strives to make the CFO compliant with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies

A new publication in Time magazine shows that the 98-year publication is looking for a CFO familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

According to the job details provided on LinkedIn, it’s time I’m looking for CFO with more than seven years of executive experience and who is “comfortable with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies”. The position will be established in the magazine’s corporate offices in New York.

“The media industry is evolving rapidly,” the statement said. “TIME is looking for a CFO who could help transform it.”

The CFO’s responsibilities include examining economic trends and complying with local and global financial requirements. The winning bidder will reportedly replace outgoing CFO Christopher Gaydos, who has been in the magazine since 2018.

Time magazine is not alone in use popularity of crypto space seemingly attract new talent. The Amsterdam Society for Educational Technology Growth Tribe has embossed his job offers for a digital designer and user interface instructor and introduced a broken token in the Rarible Marketplace. Although token bidders can still bid, applications are only accepted through the company’s website.

“Although the idea of ​​a job advertisement like the NFT doesn’t make sense at this point of a ‘collector’s’ point … it makes sense when you’re trying to get the attention of digital talent,” said David Arnoux, chief strategic officer of Growth Tribe.

The magazine seems to have been more accepting of the blockchain lately. The time will be announced on Monday is bidding on three non-functional digital artwork tokens inspired by some of its most famous envelopes. Time creative director DW Pine, who designed one of the covers, described the NFT as a “crazy” and yet “lucrative” world.

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