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Finding happiness during stressful times is one of the simple things that you can try every week where you can include simple things – like listening to music in the shower for example – in your routine, and you will notice an improvement in your mood. According to Dr. Dina Hassan, an expert in human development, positive emotions may manifest when you come home and see your pet running to welcome you, or when you wake up knowing that you don’t have any responsibilities today. Whatever they mean to you, these feelings can be tapped into in simple ways, even in times when it’s hard to feel happy. Here are tips for finding happiness in bad times:

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She lives in the present with her friend

Live in the present: the secret to finding happiness is to only think about the day you live; Tough times seem more manageable when we don’t push ourselves to worry about the future and the unknown.

Pay attention to your five senses: everything you taste, smell, touch, hear and see can affect your mood; When we see a butterfly or eat delicious food, we feel excitement and joy; So satisfy your craving for sweets with a cookie, light a sweet-smelling candle, talk to your best friends, listen to songs that lift your spirits, or watch the sunset; Anything you do to awaken your senses will give you feelings of joy.

Change your routine: If you feel stuck in the wheel of life and look at the smallest problems as a big problem; The quick fix is ​​to switch up your daily regimen. Changing your routine and trying new things will allow you to feel the excitement and fun.

Practice mindfulness. Taking time in your day to slow down, calm down and breathe slowly can lead to a wonderful feeling of peace. This might be through meditation, walking, gardening, journaling, or reading. Creating a quiet space allows your thoughts to be heard, nourishes your spirit, and enables you to release stress and replace it with happiness and calm.

Take care of your appearance: Often, simply dressing or grooming can change your appearance and help you feel fresh. Think about it: when you touch your hair or change its appearance, you feel your spirits rise; And getting your nails done can make you feel cheerful and ready to enjoy the day; When you focus on grooming and improving your appearance, you look your best, feel confident and beautiful, which is a fast track to happiness.

Unleash your inner child: As we age we tend to become more pessimistic, losing our sense of childhood, innocence, and fun; But the key to happiness is youthfulness. You can go to amusement parks, roll in the grass, or sleep soundly like a baby; By letting go of the cruelty we acquire with growing up from time to time, we shake off stagnation and have moments of fun.

Enjoy the outdoors: Nature is full of amazing sights, sights and sounds that can put a smile on your face; So get out and walk among the landscape, feel the sun on your skin and the grass under your feet; Going on a camping trip, hiking or biking can also be great ways to enjoy the outdoors; When you can feel the beauty of nature, you open the doors to discover beauty and pleasure.

Defeat your fears: The feeling of happiness comes from knowing that you have completed something that you have been hesitant to do, and that is so much fun; Going to meet someone or give a presentation at work can be intimidating to you, but once you get over your fear, you feel so happy. Overcoming fears reveals our resilience; When winning moments come after hard times, we demonstrate our ability to move forward and overcome adversity.


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Initiate conversations with others: Making room for conversations can become difficult, especially when you are going through a difficult time; But during these periods, try to talk to someone and seek someone else’s advice; This will make you feel supported and relieved; Strengthen your relationships and connections by taking even a short time to text an old friend or call someone you’ve been thinking about, and you might end up having a rewarding conversation that makes you feel love and joy.

-. Get the Small Tasks Done: Nobody likes cluttering their schedule, and that can leave you frustrated and stressed out. So instead of trying to finish all your tasks in a day or week, make life more manageable, and reward yourself for getting the smallest things done. It is enough to do something very simple, such as hitting the snooze button only once instead of five times, or tidying up the pile of clothes scattered around the room for weeks on end; Taking pride in accomplishing tasks big and small allows you to feel more accomplished, peace, and happiness.

-. Limit when to use electronic devices: These days our eyes don’t stop moving from one device to another, and we rarely pay attention to our surroundings; But the reality is that social media and watching series and movies distract us from the actual reality, so try to put limits on your use of electronic means as much as possible, and you will find happiness in those moments that you waste in following social media and the latest news.

-. Volunteer: Helping people is so rewarding, makes you feel purposeful, and nurtures feelings of compassion and empathy within you. So try to spend some time improving the lives of others and raising their standard of living. Volunteering can allow us to stop thinking about the negative things in our lives and replace the time spent with helping others; When we help others, we not only feel happiness, but we give it to others.

-. Learn to let go: It can be hard to let go of something that you have considered an essential component of your life; But by allowing yourself to let go of what hurts and doesn’t work for you, you’ll feel happier and more peaceful.



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