Tire .. “Al-Jabba” is a clothing that is struggling to stay in Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia

The people of Al-Baha, in southwestern Saudi Arabia, wear traditional clothing known as “Jubbah” as one of the formations of popular heritage for which they were famous in the past and to this day. Women used them to sew from white sheep’s wool after hand-spinning it, while men embroider it, indicating that they are of different types. Nugget, gold and crow embroidery

The one interested in the history of Al-Bahah, Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, spoke to and said, “Al-Jubba has four names in the courtyard. There is also a special meal for women and this is also called a managed or female meal. “

He continued, “30 years ago the robe began to fade and say who was wearing it. It is a loose outer robe that covers the entire body, is a long and open front robe and includes ribbons that run the hem of the robe decorate from bottom to top. Mixed with red. “

It is noteworthy that the “Jubba” is experiencing a struggle for survival and not dying in the current era, contrary to its old popular reputation. Many of the people of Al-Baha chose to wear them on occasions and weddings in order to seek its sustainability and continuity and the earnest attempt to increase its manufacture in order to be present for those who wish to wear the Jubba.

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