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Video games are no longer seen as a lazy or obsolete activity, which was once considered a waste of time. In today’s world, when a majority of the world’s population prefers to play them, it is an activity that has been characterized as one that can strengthen a person’s decision-making ability and kick things off. thumbs up to his analytical skills. Allowing people to play video games has been shown to have positive effects on their reasoning, decision-making, and processing skills, which in turn helps improve mental functioning.


These games were once considered a waste of time and made no productive contribution. Parent saw play as a luxury to be offered only to children in order to motivate them to study harder and to use as a tool of encouragement. However, today’s parent sees the game from a different perspective. Video games, with productive content and platforms, have become informative and constructive today. With various platforms, which actually have the ability to help with mental development, they are widely used by instructors and parents to help their children with mental development and growth. Today, many genres of video games are available in the market:

• Educative.

• Adventure.

• Action.

• Dress up (and other game for girls).

• Strategy.

Benefits :

Besides having positive effects on children, the activity also has a positive impact on adults. Video games involve quick decision making and high levels of situational analysis which help to empower these activities. By playing more video games, a person is able to speed up their decision-making abilities by improving them as they increase their level of play. Video games are also known to help improve hand coordination. eye. It involves quick situational analysis and decision making, which then allows a player / person to make a quick decision and execute it, improving their hand-eye coordination.

Health Benefits:

Gambling is also good for mental health and depression. The activity acts as a source of anger and accumulated emotions. This is mainly due to the fact that video games involve a high level of brain engagement and activity. Such high levels of brain activity lead a person to focus on the virtual world and reduce its action by engaging in mentally strenuous activity. These video games can also be a social outlet, allowing desperate people to connect. Online gambling is a major source for people to interact with and play with and against players around the world. It also helps improve their coordination and teamwork skills, which can help them tremendously in the real world where these skills are in high demand and valued.


Video games are a great source for nourishing the brain and keeping it healthy and engaged. It keeps the brain involved and polishes it, making its muscles work harder. They are now used to improve brain functionality in children and adults alike, proving that they have the ability to be productive and beneficial. While there are some games with violent and raw content that most people might tend to be bothered by, there are still many options available and various genres in the market that can help brain development to a great extent. . These games played on consoles are no longer just a source of recreation, but have been seen as an activity that can improve a person’s performance and increase their skills and efficiency by making them more aware and alert. Thus, we can say that the activity has passed from a recreational sport to a useful and productive act.

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