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Towards a plastic-free bathroom… without sacrificing your beauty regime!

Plastic waste remains a major environmental problem in the bathroom. From toothpaste tubes to shampoo bottles, deodorants, etc., can you eliminate plastic without sacrificing your beauty regime?

Plastic waste ends up in landfills or in the natural environment, we still need urgent action to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce, and if we are trying to reduce our plastic waste there is one place where we may feel a little confused and that is the bathroom, especially when it comes to With hygiene and beauty products, plastic packaging is often difficult to avoid.

Is it possible to reduce the amount of plastic polluting the environment without sacrificing your beauty regime..?

says Dr. Nadia Rabie Rifai, Professor of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science: Through the following instructions:

colored solid soap molds

Solid hand soap instead of liquid and gel soap and eco-friendly
Solid hand soap instead of liquid and gel soap and eco-friendly

Dr. advises you. Nadia is using solid bars instead of liquid and gel soaps.

The soap bar can be used for a longer period and is more cost-effective.

Liquid soap needs 5 times more manufacturing capacity to produce

The weight of the soap is heavier, and the cost of transporting it is higher than it requires more fuel.

Conventional bars of soap can have a beneficial environmental impact because they are made with fats and oils that come from farmed crops. And because most types of liquid soap are made of petroleum materials, so the soap bar is the ideal solution to preserve the environment and reduce pollution.

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Tips for buying the perfect soap:

  • Choose soap in paper containers (avoid plastic).
  • Choose a natural soap, and avoid chemical ingredients.
  • Avoid soaps made with palm oil to reduce the environmental impact on the earth.
  • Buy at local farmers markets or independent stores where possible to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.

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Plastic-free razor

sustainable shaver
sustainable shaver

Steer clear of everyday razors and opt for one that can last for years (only razors need to be recycled). They are also known to be more hygienic, cause less skin irritation and give a close shave. ..

For a complete plastic-free shaving experience

  • Shaving soap can be used in bar form and does not require a lot of packaging.
  • Shaving soap can be used in recyclable metal cans or glass jars.
  • Or you can go against the trend and try a homemade recipe…

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Plastic-free hygiene in shampoo and conditioner

Eco-friendly shampoo
Eco-friendly shampoo

says Dr. Nadia Rabea The shampoo and conditioner are packaged in single-use plastic containers, such as hand soap and shower gel, and for this you can use types of tablet soaps, which are similar to hand soap, but are made of 100% natural materials and come in recycled paper packaging.

If you insist on using shampoo and conditioner in their traditional form, buying in bulk is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption.

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Plastic free toilet roll

Eco-friendly bathroom utensils.
Eco-friendly bathroom utensils

says Dr. Nadia: It can be difficult to find recycled toilet paper, but there are some stores that produce this type of environmentally friendly paper, but the irony is that it inevitably comes wrapped in single-use plastic, so be sure to buy recycled (recyclable) or recyclable packaging for biodegradation.

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Toothbrushes and toothpaste without plastic

There are quite a few options to reduce plastic waste related to your toothbrushes. Try a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. You can use a brush made from sustainably harvested beech wood, and the bristles are made from animal hair. If neither of these options are right for you, a toothbrush The electric replaceable head will reduce the consumption of single-use plastic.

Toothpaste can be replaced with fluoride toothpaste tablets. Simply chew one of the tablets until it crumbles and then brush it with a wet toothbrush as usual.

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Alternative to ear cleaning sticks

As alternatives to wooden or plastic ear cleaning sticks, a set of non-disposable tools can be used and used for a long period of time without changing them. There are Japanese wooden or stainless steel tools called Oriculi.

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