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Tower defense games – 7 tips to help you win tower defense games!

I guess you like playing tower defense games just like me. Have you ever been in this situation: you started playing some time ago, you start the current wave to see all your towers ignite, but a few enemies still arrive at your base, with only a little enough health to make all your previous efforts unnecessary? Oho, especially if your base is low on health and you have to start all over again, I know what it does!

Well, below I will write some tips to help you deal with the situation and win more tower defense games. There are differences from game to game, but the advice you will receive is intended to be general.

  1. Place close-range towers (usually the ones you afford at the start or some powerful ones, but at close range) as close to the maze turns as possible. This way they will keep shooting for longer.
  2. Place the long-range towers towards the middle of the map. Consider that most of the time their range will increase as they upgrade! This way you will cover the path the enemy is walking on much more.
  3. Use towers with slowing effects! It is best to place them before groups of towers that will deal massive damage.
  4. If you know you’ll be dealing with self-healing enemies, don’t scatter your towers too much. You don’t want them to have time to regain their health.
  5. If there are poisoned towers, they belong to the start of the maze, and at precalculated intervals (to poison the enemy again when the effect wears off).
  6. Upgrades: You need to determine as you play which towers are really worth upgrading. That is, upgrading a slow tower might be more beneficial to your defense (and cheaper) than upgrading the entire group of towers behind it. Either way, on smaller maps and towards the end of the game, you’ll be forced to prioritize quality over quantity (especially if the enemy has armor!).
  7. In some tower defense games, some enemies are more susceptible to damage from certain towers. Find out which one, if any, and use it against them!

Source by Bogdan Deaky

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