Trump is haunted by a moral scandal … the daughter of his accountant’s wife accuses him of harassing her, and the attorney general is conducting an investigation

Facing the former US president, Donald TrumpNew accusations related, this time to sexual harassment and the display of nude pictures, during the funeral ceremony for the mother of his private accountant, Alan Wiselberg, charges brought against him by the daughter of the latter’s wife, which were confirmed in statements reported by magazine The New Yorker American.

According to a newspaper report The Independent The British, Saturday 13 March 2021, the story of this incident was revealed during the Manhattan District Attorney’s attempts to pit Alan Wiselberg, Trump’s accountant, against him in the investigations relating to Trump’s organization, and the district attorney’s office also questioned the daughter of Wellsburg’s ex-wife, who spoke to the magazine. Later on her stepfather.

What does Trump have to do with his accountant?

The daughter of the former Trump accountant’s wife, in her interview with The American Magazine, recounts that her stepfather was “obsessed” with pleasing Trump.

She thinks, “All he occupied was: (Did you like Donald today?), That was all his life and its essence. He was obsessed. He had more feelings for Donald than his wife.”

According to her testimony, Wellsberg has worked with Trump since the 1970s, and she said if anyone has dangerous information about Trump it is her ex-stepfather.

The same spokeswoman added on the same occasion: “She walks in the hallway and sees Alan and Donald, Alan and Donald, they are inseparable, Alan knows everything about him.”

Trump to mourn

But the first time she met Donald Trump was at her former stepfather’s home on Long Island, while the family was receiving the condolences of the accountant’s mother.

The consolation of the Jews or (Shiva) will be for seven days that the family of the deceased will spend after his departure. The sad atmosphere, of course, prevailed over him.

However, she says that Trump immediately began insulting the family as soon as he arrived, as Trump said as soon as he entered, pointing to the Weiselberg House that did not contain any golden bathrooms: “Is this my account manager ?! This is embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, it was reported that Trump had reached condolences aboard a limousine.

The incident of harassment

The story continues until Trump, after entering the place, began showing mourners pictures of him on a yacht surrounded by naked women.

Then the accountant’s wife’s daughter says that Trump tried to molest her. “Then he started harassing me,” she tells the magazine.

According to her personal account, Alan did not deter Trump in any way, even though she was dating his son.

That incident, among others, is what makes her believe that Alan will never accept a coup against the former president.

“I don’t know,” she says, “For Donald it’s purely business, as for Now, it’s a love affair.”

She asked for a newspaper The IndependentThe British government made a comment from Trump, but there was no immediate response.

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