Turkish actress Handa Archel splits up with her new boyfriend after a month of dating 1!

Turkish media reports said that the Turkish actress, Handa Archel, split from businessman Murat Akdogan, just a month after news spread about the couple’s relationship, a relationship that did not succeed because of the Akdogan family, which did not accept Handa, according to what was revealed by the newspaper “Hurriyet” .

Handa Archel also appeared on the program “Ibrahim Saleem” on “YouTube”, and asked if she wanted to have a child? She said she desires so much and hopes that he will look like Mavi, her niece with a wink, and she said at the end: “She looks like me.”

Turkish actress Handa Archell and her ex-fiancé Murat Dalcic / Social Media

Handa’s answer exposed her to criticism and accused of contradiction, because the reason for her separation from Her ex-boyfriend, Murad Dalclish He rejected the idea of ​​procreation.

The Turkish art press has been busy during the past few days, with a relationship Actress Handa ArchelBusinessman Murad Jan Akdogan is chasing her everywhere, and journalists followed her while she was leaving a skin care center, to ask her about her relationship with Murad Jan, but she remained silent and did not comment.

It is also noteworthy that many news spread about a love affair between the Turkish actress and the businessman. His name hit the trend on social media, but it did not succeed.

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