Vaccination of 2.7 million students in Saudi Arabia to return to school

Education departments in the regions and governorates of Saudi Arabia have launched their awareness campaign to vaccinate students in the age group 12-18 years old with the coronavirus vaccine, and their number is more than 2,726,516 students through Ministry of Health Vaccination Centers approved, in preparation for a safe return to schools and at the beginning of the year The new school year is in full swing.

The Ministry of Education called on all of its employees, educational, administrative and supervisory cadres and students in the specified age groups; get a coronavirus vaccine quickly; In the interests of their health and safety for all and to contribute to a normal return to society and to ensure the regularity of the educational process for the next academic year.

Interaction and interest

The current time is witnessing a great deal of interaction and interest from parents and families. Taking the initiative to ensure that their children receive the vaccine for the target age group as part of the family’s effective partnership with the Department of Education in returning face-to-face studies and integrating with the state’s efforts to maintain public health and safety.

The Saudi Ministry of Health has started distributing the first dose of the corona vaccine to the 12-18 age group in its centers spread across the Saudi regions by registering and receiving an appointment through the Sehaty application, and requests the initiative to register via the “My Health” application to take the vaccine on the dates indicated. To them, with the need to adhere to preventive measures such as wearing a mask, social distancing, sterilizing hands and not shaking hands in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus.


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