Washington assures Prince Khalid bin Salman of its commitment to defense relations with Saudi Arabia

Today, Tuesday, Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman held talks with senior military officials in the Pentagon.

Prince Khalid bin Salman met with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who confirmed the US commitment to defense relations with Saudi Arabia.

The US State Department also announced that Prince Khalid bin Salman would hold talks with US officials on Wednesday.


A previous meeting of Prince Khalid bin Salman at the Pentagon in August 2019 (archive)

The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, reiterated its commitment to “work with Saudi Arabia to end the war in Yemen,” adding: “We are determined to confront Saudi Arabia Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region“.

The US Department of Defense stressed that “the United States” Engaged in defense relations with Saudi Arabia“.

It also condemned “the cross-border attacks that … Started by the Houthi militia with Iranian support“.


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