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Watch Nelly Karim does not offer me the roles of seduction, my lady

Does the artist Nelly Karim accept the presentation of the scenes of excitement and seduction? What is the truth about her marriage without the knowledge of her family and her reaction if her daughter repeated the same behavior? And why did her new series “Against Breaking” not achieve the hoped-for success, and what is her attitude towards men after the end of her marriage project? Exciting questions are expected to be answered today, Thursday, in a special episode of the program “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Darara”, presented by director Ginas El-Deghidi.

Nelly Karim does not trust the words of men

The management of the show channel of the program made a controversial advertisement about the episode of Nelly Karim, which made a shocking statement against men, saying: No man has a word, in the words of a man, and a man of any words.

Nelly Karim admitted that she did not present the scenes of seduction and kisses, because she did not receive offers from the producing companies, and she said: If I were exposed, I would think and count it once and twice.

During the episode, Nelly Karim reveals the truth about her marriage at the age of 16, without the knowledge of her family, and her reaction if her daughter insisted on making the same decision.

Nelly also talks about her reaction to the failure of her series “Against the Break,” which is running the marathon of the Egyptian series Ramadan 2021.

It is noteworthy that Nelly Karim’s participation in the Ramadan 2021 drama season in her series “Against the Break” represents a very special occasion for her, as it celebrates 10 years of presenting the absolute championships in the most watched drama season, and for this she documented the occasion by publishing a photo album of her artworks from 2012 until today. .

Nelly Karim has previously published a collage of her characters in 8 series that have been shown over the past ten years, through her personal account on Facebook, today, Tuesday, and commented on it saying: 2012, 2014, Nisa Prison, 2015 Under Control, 2016 Free Fall, 2017 for the highest price 2018 disappearance, 2020 100 wech, 2021 against fracture.

The series “Against Fracture”, written by Amr El-Daly and directed by Ahmed Khaled, and co-starring Nelly Karim, Mohamed Farraj, Meeting Al-Khamisi, Tara Emad, Louai Omran, Cynthia Khalifa, Nahir Amin, Mustafa Darwish, Nour Ihab, and a large number of stars, and the work A joint production of the United Media Services and Al-Adl Group by the producer, Jamal Al-Adl.

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