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Watched Amir Karara hit Muhammad Sami with a prophet, he could feel the pain, my lady

The star Amir Karara shared his fans on the Instagram site a funny video clip from the scenes of filming his new series “Nassl Al-Ghurab”. He acted as if he wanted the director to feel the pain.

Muhammad Sami brought together Ahmad Al-Sakka and Amir Karara for the first time in one series

Karara appeared in the video, moderating the filming of the series “Naseel Al-Ghurab”, which is currently being shown in the Egyptian series for Ramadan 2021, and Muhammad Sami wore the Saidi dress, and stood in front of Karara with a nebut, to practice some of the sport of woodworking

Sami refused to play the game seriously, asking Karara not to direct real blows to him, but Karara insisted on continuing the training seriously, amid a wave of laughter from both parties and the attendees at the location of the filming, and Amir commented on the video saying: Because you feel we were in pain in filming, to answer Muhammad Sami: Ok, by God Almighty, you are in pain very seriously.

It is noteworthy that the series is the first dramatic collaboration of the two stars Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara, and its events take place in a social drama based on the stories of the Egyptian Upper Egypt community. Take revenge on him.

“Naseel Al-Ghurab” is a large number of artists participating in its tournament alongside Ahmed Al-Sakka and Amir Karara, and they are: Mai Omar, Firdaws Abdel Hamid, Diab, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Menna Fadali, Muhammad Alaa, Muhammad Mahran, Muhammad Jumaa Reem Sami, Malik Ahmed Zahir, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Salwa Othman, Ahmed Fahim, Emad Ziada, Enaam Al-Jretli, Hamdi Heikal, Ahmed Majed, Layal Abdel Khaleq, and written and directed by Muhammad Sami.

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