“We are playing with 10 players with Griezmann’s presence” … a sharp criticism from the former Barcelona star to the French striker

The Bulgarian Hristo Stojkchov, the former Barcelona star, launched a sharp attack on the current French striker Antoine Griezmann, stressing that he was not suitable for wearing the “Blaugrana” shirt, and that the only solution is to sell it as soon as possible.

Stoichkov, who defended the colors of Barcelona on two terms, between 1990 and 1995 and then 1996 to 1998, said that Griezmann has made no significant addition to the team since joining him two years ago from Atletico Madrid, despite all the opportunities given to him by the coaches who led the team in that Period.

He added: “Griezmann has become a burden on the team, and does not make the required addition, but rather represents an obstacle that harms the team and does not benefit it, although he has obtained all the opportunities that any newcomer dreams of obtaining, so the only solution is to sell him at the earliest opportunity.”

The former player known for his sharpness continued: “For me, when Griezmann is on the field I feel that the team is playing with ten players and not 11, so he does nothing and does not play his role as a striker in a large team the size of Barcelona.”

Stoichkov advised the Barcelona administration headed by Juan Laporta to sell Griezmann, and give the opportunity to other players who are currently in the team and have a greater ability than the French striker to integrate and play in the usual Barcelona way.

Since Griezmann arrived in Barcelona in 2019, he has not added much to the team’s attack, despite its high price, which exceeded 120 million euros, and in general he played with the team 86 matches, scoring 27 goals and providing 15 assists.

During the current season, Griezmann played 38 games, in which he scored only 12 goals, compared to 11 assists, and the team has not won any championships since his arrival.

Many Spanish reports indicate that Griezmann’s chance to continue with Barcelona has diminished after the election of Juan Laporta as the new president of the club, and the possibilities of strengthening the team’s ranks with more than one striker in the coming period, knowing that he is linked to a contract with the club extending until 2024.

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