We are working closely with Saudi Arabia to counter the attacks by the Houthi الهجمات

The commander of the US Central Command, Kenneth McKenzie, confirmed on Friday that “Washington is working closely with Saudi Arabia to counter the Houthi attacks”.

McKenzie stressed that “the Houthis do not want to be at the negotiating table” and that they “try to control Marib before engaging in a negotiation process”.

McKenzie accused Iran of “not at all interested in achieving peace in Yemen, nor in the humanitarian situation in the country.”

He added that “Iran is supplying arms to the Houthis and sees that it is in their interests to continue the war.”

And Thursday, download it US Special Envoy to Yemen Tim LenderkingThe Houthi militia is responsible for the failure of efforts to bring peace and stop the bloodshed in Yemen.

During his meeting with Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak, Lenderking strongly condemned the ongoing Houthi attacks on civilians and stressed that “there is no military solution to the conflict in Yemen”.

He pointed out that an immediate and full ceasefire is essential to alleviate human suffering.

The US envoy discussed with the Yemeni foreign minister the latest developments in the peace process in the face of continued intransigence and rejection of all efforts by the Houthi militia to alleviate the human suffering that Yemen was experiencing.


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