We will build a security partnership with several countries including Saudi Arabia

The UK confirmed today, Tuesday that “the terrorist threat in the country is still high,” adding: “We are going to build A security partnership with several countries including Saudi Arabia“.

The UK said it would set up a new Home Security Headquarters to improve its response to the “main threat” of terrorism and suggested that a chemical, biological or nuclear attack would take place by the end of the decade.

In a comprehensive review outlining the country’s political priorities in the post-Brexit era, the government said Britain faces grave threats to its citizens and interests from extremists, as well as from far-right and anarchists.

She said there is also a threat from opponents in Northern Ireland who want to destabilize the 1998 peace accord on British territory.

“Terrorism will remain a major threat for the next decade, with more diverse material and political reasons, new sources for the spread of extremism and the development of planning processes,” the government said in the review, promising a “stronger, more comprehensive one Approach to confrontation. “

The main focus of the security strategy will be the creation of a new counter-terrorism operations center that will bring together police and intelligence agencies, government officials and elements of the judicial system. The government said this would improve the speed of accident handling and ward off emerging risks.

The review also warned that mismanagement and chaos, particularly in some countries in Africa and the Middle East, will create space for extremist groups “with an increased likelihood that states will promote terrorism and resort to proxy wars”.

“It is likely that a terrorist group will launch a successful chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack by 2030,” she added.

On the other hand, Britain saw the “China’s growing power The main challenges of the current decade “when you consider that” Russia remains the greatest threat in the Atlantic “.

It was also taken into account that “Spread of the corona pandemic Accelerate the decline of democracy and pluralism around the world. “

In another context, the UK on Tuesday announced its intention to increase its nuclear weapon stocks in order to change its policy of disarming them after the end of the Cold War.

A government review of defense, security and foreign policies found emerging threats make it impossible to continue fulfilling its warhead reduction commitment.

She stated that the country “tends to have total nuclear weapon stocks that do not exceed 260 warheads”.


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