(WhatsApp) users were surprised that the application management intends to change or rather update the privacy policy

via an alert message and their connection, notifying them that this will take effect on the eighth of February.

These messages or alerts include approval or rejection. If you agree, you will continue with the service, but in the event of rejection, you will find yourself by February 8, 2021, banned from using the application, bearing in mind that approval allows Facebook to collect more information about you, and possibly The most private ones.

According to the specialist in security affairs, Roni, this link between (Facebook) and (WhatsApp) raises attention and suspicion, as most WhatsApp users consider it safer than other applications.

Roni explained in an exclusive interview with “4xaa”, that “according to that link, you are not very surprised if you are talking with your friend through the (WhatsApp) application in a private conversation, and you tell him that you like some kind of product, and when you move afterwards to (Facebook) (You will find a funded advertisement for these products! “

He pointed out that Facebook “trades with us forcibly” by collecting information about users’ activities, how to interact with others, interests, duration, time and frequency of activities, information about the time to register for services, your personal photos … etc. “

Roni noted that this many important information that is collected is sent to the company to compare it with your uses, interests, activities, and other interactions while you are on (Facebook) and (Instagram) and other services and applications, and this allows the company a lot of the daily cumulative product of what users leave The Internet and various social media pioneers include information about them, such as pictures, personal data, comments about their lives, ideas, affiliations, eating styles, travel, health, sports, income level, gender, recreational and cultural interests, and all their other tendencies and passions.

And he warned that the very large amounts of personal and professional information that can be analyzed to reveal patterns, trends, groups and conditions related to human behavior, and their interactions, turn into a commodity that Facebook trades, after it used this information collected from users to target ads directed at them in a form. Better, the company discovered in recent years that this information turns into a number of services, contributes to feeding artificial intelligence, and generates new sources of income by evaluating users’ personalities, and selling them to other companies to use in their own products or even use them for multiple security purposes.

Roni advised users of these different applications to avoid sending their own personal photos, which are feared leaked and used against users, as well as avoiding talking about private information or your personal and emotional problems, as what you consider is just a small vent of the problems inside you that is considered a treasure for fraudsters and blackmailers, and before This and that for the intelligence and security services.

The security expert touched upon the advantages of social media, as it crosses barriers that hinder communication and communication, and has worked to expand the circles of social relations, dissolving borders between countries, not to mention being an effective means of forming public opinion, as well as providing many job opportunities and helping them to men. Businesses and companies in marketing their products, in addition to making it easy to obtain news and information through it.

He explained, “In the past, they said that the Internet made the world a small village, but we do not exaggerate if we say that social media has made the world much smaller, and despite these advantages and advantages, its misuse has made it one of the most dangerous weapons that threaten the culture of societies, wasting time.” And violating the privacy of the subscribers and converting it into information sold and bought.

Hitesh Choudhary

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