Why Night Owls Are Smarter And Make More Money, According To Research

The early bird often gets the worm.

Study after study has proven that night owls are more intelligent and, therefore, are more likely to earn more money than people who work in the morning.

Researchers have completed 1,000 teenagers at the University of Madrid on tests that measure school performance and inductive intelligence.

study fThat night, people scored higher on inductive reasoning, a sign of general intelligence and a good predictor of positive academic performance.

Inductive reasoning is also associated with more prestigious professions, where people earn higher incomes.

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Another study found that people who enjoy staying up late tend to be smarter than those who rest with their beauty.

The study also found that US Air Force recruits who are up at night are more likely to have the ability to think laterally than their morning counterparts.

The study doesn’t mean that staying up late makes you smarter, but rather that people with higher IQs and IQs tend to stay up late.

So, no, you can’t get smarter just by forcing yourself to stay up late. Sorry.

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