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Wide leg pants from Summer 2021

The fashion of trousers with modern and loose cuts gives a look that is more beautiful than it with summer blouses in soft panels. You must choose wide pants, for a fashionable look, especially as it is one of the indispensable pieces of summer 2021.


Casual pants

Comfortable to wear, the wide drawstring pants are the essence of casual style, with those flowy details and slim tailored to fit the body; Fashion designers propose advanced solutions in light fabrics. As for the modern pajama-inspired pants; They are worn with cotton poplin shirts.
A fashionable summer staple, not as sassy as shorts or shorts, Bermuda shorts have already found a place in the wardrobe.

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Angel Schlesser

As exciting as it is trendy; The leather pants do not abandon the black and white colors, they can be coordinated with simple summer blouses to obtain a new aesthetic balance.
Wide pants can be resorted to for a new casual look by pairing them with a short blouse and sandals or a charming look with a T-shirt and sneakers, and of course the pants can be worn with wide cuts of heavy and elegant fabrics for the summer of 2021.
Whether she’s going on a tourist trip or touring the malls, the runways were full of inspiration on how to wear the wide-legged pants that are elegant yet comfortable, and suit all tastes.

Alberta Ferretti

The perfect choice

A traditional mixture to show off in the most diverse occasions, the ideal choice if the woman is in a hurry for any walk or occasion to get a look, and it is not more beautiful, which is reflected in the wide-legged pants within the daily clothes and the choice of sneakers or flat sandals.

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A Bell

Why doesn’t the lady resort to adopting these pants with a cheerful crochet jacket or cardigan?! Probably one of the most important pieces of summer 2021 fashion, or with a floral T-shirt; She can wear a floral pattern with everything, even if she tries to pair it with baggy pants for a look inspired by 70s fashion.

Agnes B

The composition loved by fashion designers; They are the simplest for daytime occasions, which consist of wide-legged trousers with a full suit and coordinate them with the appropriate accessories according to the style of each woman, and there is no objection to using a silk scarf on the hair to add more sparkle.

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Why don’t you resort to adopting the style of wide pants, especially the pocket type – shorts with a short blazer for a classic look that suits work times?! And if you have a blouse or a short shirt, and you are confused to wear it; The wide pants are your best choice, as you can coordinate them simply, with high heels, to give you a double length, and a modern casual look; Choose the latest sports pants, and style them in a different way with a beret hat.
Finally, you can choose the wide, striped length pants, for a bright summer look, and if you want to choose the trendy suit trend this summer; Vokhtarha Bstylel wide pants.


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