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Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s doctor reveals her sick history in defense of himself, madam

After the increasing demand to investigate Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s doctor on charges of medical negligence, the famous obstetrician and gynecologist Maher Omran came out to defend himself. In a precedent, the first in the history of the medical profession in Egypt, he listed the artist’s complete medical history to deny the suspicion of professional errors that require trial or discipline.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz – Photo from her Instagram account حساب

Maher Omran confirmed that his publication does not violate the patient’s privacy – a crime punishable by Egyptian law – but its goal is to respond to the lies and misrepresentations that dominate the social media, regarding the repercussions of the health of the star Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

And he added in a lengthy post on his Facebook account: The missing truth in the repercussions of the health crisis that has sparked a lot of controversy recently, which was a fierce attack on doctors from all media and refuted the complications that occurred as a serious medical error.

He continued, saying: I am fully aware of the extent of the shortcomings of the vast majority in health culture, but I did not imagine its extent, especially among some of the media groups in the various fields of media. I followed and listened to clips of most, if not all talk show owners, and found them all centered on countless lies focusing on The following points: The case entered the hospital with a diagnosis of ovarian cyst!!!! After the laparoscopic intervention, she was exposed to the following: a medical error and gross negligence, the operation to remove a fibrous tumor, and some of them said an endoscopic fatty cyst resulted in a stomach hole!!! Accidental removal of part of the stomach, infection of the patient with blood poisoning, entering the patient into a continuous coma.

He continued, mocking the reports circulating about Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s condition, by saying: Rather, one of them said in the text during his presentation of his program, “She had a problem in the uterus, and she was following up with a good doctor, and she was in a good hospital, but while she was doing the endoscopy, there was a problem in the colon, and the colon because it It has faeces and it almost enters the stomach, and a problem arose, and I sat in the operating room a lot.”… What nonsense (enter colonic waste in the stomach).

And he continued: The tone of a great jeer also rose, who found (Al-Taiha) and issued a fatwa that a statement must be issued by the hospital or the treating doctor explaining the developments in the patient’s health condition, as if this matter was absent from the minds of the hospital’s officials! And YouTube mercenaries entered themselves and rode the wave, and their films continued, which they kept uploading, a mixture of slander and ignorant opinions, unfortunately, attributed to doctors.

The doctor justified this confusion by the presence of medical sources that were promoting these rumors and said: I inquired and excavated the sources from which these media professionals drew these false information, and I was sure that there are doctors! They are sticky personalities who are addicted to appearing in the media, and they have thousands of followers, and although they are in specialties that are completely far from obstetrics and gynecology, and even surgical specialties in general, they unfortunately gave their opinion with excessive stupidity from which the media professionals drew their information. The facts are unfolding. Everyone who issued a fatwa on his own page took the initiative to remove his Takharef.

He added: Today, after the situation has stabilized, as was published in the media, and I left the intensive care unit and was transferred for observation in an ordinary room, I will list the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident, which ignited one of the most violent waves of arrogance that swept the country in words and even deeds.

He continued: And before I go on, I will begin to refute what Al-Jair Al-Kabeer raised about the necessity of issuing a statement on the developments in the health situation, given that the patient is a public figure and has many admirers who are eager to check on her. No information for the media out of respect for the patient’s privacy, and therefore the hospital did not address this! As for the professor supervising the case, how can he divulge the secrets of the profession and reveal the privacy of his patient just to satisfy the craving of curiosity and fuel the nonsense of his professionals?!!!

He continued: As for the essence of the case, the facts are the following, and I am here not violating the privacy of the patient, but in response to all the lies and even the blunders in which the media orbit has revolved, and everyone from the doctors knows that the surgical pathological history when it contains absolute contraindications to the use of the surgical endoscope should not be used as it poses risks On the patient’s health, and indeed the operation was open surgery.

He continued: The surgery team consisted of a distinguished doctor, a distinguished professor of generations and a distinguished stature in the field of obstetrics and gynecology surgery, in addition to a famous and distinguished professor of plastic surgery in his field, and a cyst with a large blood pool was removed from each of the ovaries, each of which contained a little less than Half a liter of thick blood that accumulates over years due to endometriosis, or as it is said (endometriosis), and everyone who works in our specialty in gynecology can imagine the complexities of the surgical field in cases of repeated surgical intervention, especially with this dreaded disease, which His surgeries are sometimes more severe than those of malignant tumors, especially when the surgical intervention was repeated, and this was not the first time he had to deal with this disease.

He added: The one who opened the abdomen is the professor of plastic surgery. Then, after completing the removal of the ovarian cysts, he closed the operation, and the effects of the previous operations on the abdominal wall were dealt with, and the surgery ended safely and the patient was placed in recovery until she regained consciousness before being transferred to her room, and the patient suffered from flatulence and abdominal distension. The colon was diagnosed with the possibility of a perforation in the colon caused by adhesions of the ovaries with the colon or obstruction of the colon, which is known as Ogilvie Syndromr ie Acute Pseudo Colonic ObstructionIt means acute pseudo-obstruction of the colon, which results from a type of deficiency in the nervous supply of the colon and leads to distension of the colon that may result in perforation of the colon and leakage of its contents, which is followed by peritonitis.

He continued, “The important thing is that according to the CT scan with dye on the intestine, there was no surgical injury to the intestine, which was performed at the time of the expansion of the large intestine, and this rare diagnosis was completed. However, before the condition worsened, the patient was admitted again for exploration and was treated surgically efficiently and the patient remained in The intensive care room is under the influence of sedatives and pain relievers, as is the case after major operations, and the patient has never entered the state of the alleged coma, which has been the headlines for journalistic nonsense or the subject of satellite channels.

He concluded his speech, saying: As stated by her family and stated by the media, the patient was transferred to her room for normal observation and her condition stabilized, praise be to God, and it was decided to prevent the visit until she was allowed, and that everything that surrounded this incident calls for sorrow, so what was attributed to the doctors of neglect and what he claimed was Medical error and what some of the famous doctors did without their knowledge to truly call for grief over the painful reality we are in, which will only lead to dire consequences.

The statement concluded by saluting all the medical team contributing to the treatment of Yasmine Abdel Aziz, saying: A final word…..a greeting and honor to the members of the medical team for their superb professional and professional treatment, and their ability to overcome the horrors of this critical and critical surgery and its aftermath, and their patience and perseverance over all waves of barking. Silent to the ears and the arrows of hatred that rained down from all sides!, and the most sincere and best wishes for the patient with a speedy recovery and complete wellness.

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