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Young ideas to spend Eid in volunteering

With the advent of Eid al-Adha and with families preparing for sacrifices and Eid supplies from buying sweets and new clothes, and among all these happy atmospheres, Eid al-Adha is an ideal opportunity to help charitable institutions and humanitarian organizations, and volunteering in these days is rewarded double as you put joy in a heart that needs it And you draw a smile on the lips that suffered an atmosphere of sadness and pain for various reasons…

And do not forget, that volunteering creates an atmosphere of wonderful participation and pleasant memories, where the values ​​of giving are embodied, especially in such great days that are full of spirituality and wonderful morals.

Whether you’re an experienced volunteer, or just starting out, here are some great ideas for Eid volunteer work:

Hosting a child from the orphanage

You can agree with your family to host one or more children during the feast, and buy clothes and gifts for him as if he is a family member. You can invite him to spend days in the summer with your family to bring joy and happiness to his heart.

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human visit

You can coordinate with your friends or family members to visit an orphanage, a home for the elderly, or a hospital specializing in serious illnesses, and buy some simple gifts and balloons for children, and spend the day with them. This brings joy to their hearts and makes them feel the warmth of the family.

Decorate the neighborhood on Eid

You can agree with your friends from the neighborhood and your neighbors to decorate the neighborhood, clean it, and plant trees in it before the feast, to make the feast a joyful atmosphere.

Gifts for charities

Charities often organize a lot of events to help families in need with gifts, food or basic necessities. You can join a charity and help it provide gifts and aid by delivering them or participating in their manufacture and packaging, or you can agree with your friends to collect a certain amount and buy some gifts and basic supplies and send them to this association by mail.

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Games for children online

Another fun and easy way to make sure that poor children or orphans get Eid gifts is to donate online to specialized community programs and charities to help needy families, and spend a happy Eid Al-Adha. Don’t forget older kids and teens when buying gifts.

Eid meals in shelters

You can agree with your family, neighbors and friends to prepare Eid meals of meat, fatteh, sweets, etc. and present them yourself to shelters, and this has an immediate positive effect on the people who live in a shelter or nursing home. Homeless shelters and women’s and children’s shelters often need regular volunteers to help with meals.

Sharing with groups to deliver food – photo from scoopempire

A day of fun and games

If you volunteer at a shelter or facility with children, you can bring simple craft supplies or you can have the children decorate their shelter or home with balloons, decorations, and colored papers. To spread more Eid joy.

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Eid greeting cards

Buy a number of printed cardboard panels and decorate them with colored ribbons for you and your friends and turn them into cards for Eid greetings and buy a number of simple gifts such as flowers and sweets and present them to residents of nursing homes, hospital patients and other people who may spend holidays away from their loved ones. A simple holiday card or greeting can brighten someone’s holiday, even if they don’t know you.

Volunteer in Eid celebrations

If you have a specific hobby, you can organize a festive event for the people of the neighborhood, charities or care homes based on your hobby, then sing with your band, play, or even draw with the children or teach them one of the sports, and this is a fun way to create memories of the wonderful happiness of the feast.

Volunteering while shopping

Make shopping during Eid an opportunity to volunteer and reap good deeds. If you are shopping online, use sites that leave space to donate to those in need when you buy through them, as part of the profits are deducted for the benefit of children and the needy, so volunteer your money and donate to a charitable organization of your choice. Also, many supermarkets offer a donation service, especially during holidays and holidays, when you check out, you can easily donate to the charity you want.

Volunteering to help animals

If you are an animal lover, you can take a trip to the animal shelter during the holidays which is a great way to help, as the animals need 24-7 care, even on holidays and holidays, spend some time cleaning the animals, walking them or volunteering to clean the cages, you can also Bring food and other supplies the shelter needs.



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